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MOVERS stands for Man Of Vision Exclaiming Redeemer’s Salvation.  It is a 10-day intensive training program which aims to equip, elevate, and empower the pastors of Church of God World Missions, Philippines.

Its VISION is to see the ministers of COG Philippines move forward in bringing their local churches towards greater growth.


  1. To EQUIP the ministers in the area of  Worship, Outreach, Relationship, Discipleship and Administration,
  2. To ELEVATE their work ethics in fulfilling their calling, and
  3. To EMPOWER them in their ministries through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The PHILIPPINE EAGLE in the logo represents the ministers of COG Philippines.

  1. Its wings are spread wide.  This means that the ministers are ought to soar high and perform their duties with much excellence.
  2. Its face has a fierce look.  The ministers are ought to be committed to their calling even with challenges that will arise.
  3. Its talons are in an attacking position.  The ministers are ought to be aggressive in bringing growth to their churches.

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