MOVERS Batch 5

M.O.V.E.R.S.- which stands for Man Of Vision Exclaiming Redeemer’s Salvation is a special program launched by Ptr. Anthony Velasco to Equip, Elevate, and Empower the local, district, and regional pastors of COG Philippines in bringing our local churches to growth. The Department Heads of Worship, Outreach, Relationship, Discipleship, Administration (WORDA), the other Ministry Heads, and the Senior Pastor of COG Dasmariñas will teach: Dynamic Worship, Mobilizing the Church through the Outreach Ministry, Fellowship / The Shepherd’s Touch, Preaching the Word, Leadership & Core Values, The Power of Multimedia, Admin Function, and more!

The fifth batch of MOVERS was held last February 8 to 18, 2015 at Emiramona Hotel, Tagaytay City. Leaders of Church of God Dasmarinas, lead by Ptr. Anthony Velasco, taught all about Worship, Outreach, Relationship, Discipleship, and Administration.

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