Church of God McDonald’s – Valencia

COG – McDonald’s Valencia is a living proof that even simple dreams, when blessed by our Lord, can turn into a reality. It is an outreach of COG-Vintar, spearheaded by Sis. Lovie Agbayani, LIFE Ambassador batch 3. Reinforced with prayers, those humble dreams came to life as the church councils, workers, and members supported the plans. One sister in Christ gave her full support by offering her musical instruments to be used every Sunday service.

When the plan to plant a new church was first announced, every member was encouraged to invite someone they know in the city. Their first Sunday Worship Service was attended by just one family together with other members of COG-Vintar. In order to invite more people, the outreach team conducted tracts giving for two Saturdays in streets, public market, department stores, mall, and grocery stores.

At present, the church has more or less 50 attendees with four families as its regular members while visitors keep on coming every week.

COG – McDonald’s Valencia holds its Sunday service at 2:00 PM-4:00 PM.

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