When the Path Isn’t Clear

Christians truly desire a different type of success. Our success comes from obedience to God’s will even if it means going through unknown path of trials. It is doing what God wants for us even though it is painful and it costs us something.

Allow me to share a portion of my life with you. My life is definitely a blessed one. I was raised by my ever supportive parents with Godly fear. I was pale and thin when I was a kid, yet going to Sunday School was one of my most awaited moments of the week. I grew up in the church, seeing the little sacrifices done by my family in order to serve our Heavenly Father. I understood at an early age that following God is my key to success.

Along my journey, my faith was put to test. I had rough times in striving for balance between school and church, most especially when my college life started. I needed to prioritize my studies because in my own perspective, that would lead me to my most desired success. Little did I know I was going away from my genuine key. I was setting aside my commitment to God. During those days, I thought it was really frightening. I didn’t know which path to take because both were essential for me. All I knew was that I was doing everything for my future. I almost forgot the HOLDER OF MY FUTURE. I am thankful that God did not lead me astray. He constantly reminded me of Luke 9:23:

“Then he said to the crowd: If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me.”

At some point, I became selfish. Selfish about my success. This made everything blurry. As for me, I have come to realize that my success comes from being a follower of God, willing to give up everything for God’s glory and to face every burden that lies ahead.

We have to put in a bit of time and effort each day, work at it and keep it up even when we’d rather choose to decide on our own. I read a quote saying: The real key to success is making small changes and committing to them each day to make a sustainable difference. To make our paths clear, CHOOSE TO FOLLOW GOD!

God doesn’t ask us to take a step that is ten miles up the road. Each step is made under the daylight of the present moment. Everyone can take one step at a time with the Lord. May our everyday be a moment where we will follow Him every step of the way.

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About the Author:

Aimee Clarice D. Yalung, a 19-year old servant of God and member of Church of God Dasmariñas’ Dance Ministry is offering her life to Him since 2011. She has this mission of passing her God-given qualities to the next generation: Passion to Excellence, Adoration to God, Steadfast in the Midst of Trials, and Servanthood to Others. For her, this new life that she has will always be dedicated for the Lord’s glory, alone.