The Secret Ingredient

What is it in your favorite ice cream that makes it special to you?
Would you know that one small secret ingredient that makes you choose it among the rest?

In LIFE, “one thing” can also separate you from everybody,
and it can change the course of your LIFE story.

Two years ago, I was privileged to speak at a Youth Empowered fellowship at Church of God – Dasmariñas. It was one defining moment, because it was my first time to both handle a big event, and preach God’s Word. And without God’s help, I wouldn’t be able to have done it. I remember sharing back then, what pride did to my life causing many frustrations in college, and how God’s Word always redirected my path. That same year, at the 13th Church of God National Assembly, I can clearly recall how God used Dr. Anthony Velasco to speak His word over my LIFE. Despite all I’ve been through, like Jabez, I have a loving God who sees. I have a mighty God who uses imperfect people and makes them significant in their lifetime. And I have a God who gives a bigger-than-life purpose, so I can choose to believe and dream again!

Following that moment, I came through one of the hardest times in my life. Why? My faith and my commitment to God was put to a great test. Everything seemed to crumble and fall apart. I started to become ineffective in the ministry. The C2S group I passionately prayed for, lost its heart and its commitment. The youth we took care of, started to leave one by one. The people I trusted the most, seemed to turn their backs from me. And my ministry head asked me the question I never wanted to hear, if I could voluntarily give way, leave my post as Youth Core Leader, and let new people step in and continue the ministry. It was a very, very hard time. And that’s not all, I found myself in the middle of a family crisis. I did everything in my sight to keep sane, to keep everything from falling, but all my efforts failed. And to cut the long story short, I was pushed to make a decision I didn’t want to make; either stay and remain following God, continuing to serve Him outside my season, or simply exit, leave, and stop dreaming for God.

But God reminded me of the “one thing”, and that held my life together during that difficult season. I asked the LORD to keep me in His presence, to hold me, and never let go. I spoke to Him like a child pleading for a place in His heart, because I didn’t know where else to go. Some of my friends who have been in the ministry with me and were asked to step down for a while, had many friends to go back to, or a loving family to go home to. But I found no escape route, I had no friends to go back to, nor a solid family to comfort me. I found my LIFE in His presence. I discovered that my LIFE now is to serve and love God, and I can’t bear even just a day away from His embrace.

God engraved in my heart, that “one thing” that can take me through all my highs and lows. God taught me a deeper, more genuine kind of HUMILITY. A heart that thinks less of myself, a heart that trusts God even in the hardest moment. A heart that has confidence in God alone. A heart that finds home in His presence alone, and never stops in worship until God sends the breakthrough.

Looking back, the very word God gave me that Youth Empowered fellowship, was the very word that has kept my LIFE humbled before Him:

Psalms 118:8-9 (NKJV)
8 It is better to trust in the LORD
Than to put confidence in man.
9 It is better to trust in the LORD
Than to put confidence in princes.

After two years, God proved this Word to me. Indeed, it is better to humbly walk and trust in the LORD. It is better to worship Him with HUMILITY through all seasons. And HUMILITY took me to new doors of opportunity, serving Him in a deeper level than before.

How about you, my friend? How’s your heart today?
I pray we will always walk with HUMILITY, that God might use us to make #BornAgainPilipinas happen in our LIFEtime!

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