No Performance, Just Worship

When I was in the early days of my worship leading, God kept on reminding me to never look at people. He kept on telling me again and again, “Huwag kang tumingin sa tao, mag-worship ka lang. Give your best for the Lord just like David”. [Don’t look at people, just worship and give your best for the Lord just like David.] And because I knew that God was with me, I chose to accept it even though it was really challenging for me. After all, we are humans; it is in our nature to look at people’s reactions every time we do something. But God is telling us to fix our eyes on Him.

Months later, God still continued to speak to me through His word. It was Thursday morning when I read a quotation from a book during my devotion, saying, “Be nice to people especially those of the same faith as you.” I immediately asked God, “Am I not being nice? What is your message for me?” Hours later, I got an answer as to why the Lord was prompting me to be nice to everyone. I received a message from an unknown person commenting about my “performance” during my Sunday praise and worship slot.  It was all negative. I almost broke down but I realized that the Word of the Lord had already prepared me how to respond to those kinds of comments from other people.

This actually happened to me not just once, but twice. It was painful, but I knew God was teaching me something. And I know He’s strengthening me as a leader and molding me to be a better Christian that’s why it’s taking so much pain. My leaders never failed to encourage me to continue and to ignore the negative things that affect my worship to God. From that moment, I used those comments as my motivation and inspiration to do my best in serving the Lord through worship.

As I continue to strive harder in giving the Lord the worship that He deserves, I keep on learning so many things and one of these is: It is not about you and your performance, but it is your worship to the Lord. King David was an example of a true worshipper and His story really got into my heart.

 As the Lord’s chest entered David’s City, Saul’s daughter Michal was watching from a window. She saw King David jumping and dancing before the Lord, and she lost all respect for him (2 Samuel 6:16) Common English Bible (CEB). If you read further, it says King David didn’t entertain the one who despised him; instead He continued what he was doing for the Lord. Then, God honored his worship.

God notices our heart, not our performance. He looks beyond and He sees beyond. So remember, don’t be anxious about how you will look like when you worship. Our worship is not a performance, it is an expression of our adoration to the King of kings.  At the end of the day, it is not our performance that matters, but our worship. So I encourage you, every time you worship, give your best shot, give your best dance and sing your lungs out. Get crazy for Jesus; crazy enough to give up your performance and to just worship with no hidden agenda.

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Forever grateful and overwhelmed by God's unconditional love, Robertson "Bon" Toreta commits his voice to the Lord by joining the Praise & Worship Ministry in 2015. He was also part of the Young Adult's Ministry in 2014 before responding to the calling of leading the people to worship God.