No matter what it costs

“If your life will be written in the Bible, what will your story be all about?”

This question was asked by one of our leaders in the ministry; 5 years ago, during the rehearsal of our Dance Musical Play entitled “Lift”.

As the question enters my mind and slowly sinks into my heart, it takes me back and reminds me about my first love. Allow me to share with you some chapters in my Christian walk as a Worshipper and a Dance Minister.

There was a season when my life was on and off, so inconsistent, even to the point that I don’t want to consider God as my God.

I distanced myself from my family and stayed at my dormitory in Manila because I felt like my whole life is a waste – I am really at the verge of giving up. My studies were failing, my ministry was faking, my personal and spiritual life was rapidly falling. Nothing’s going right.

Then one night, my Mom sent a text saying: “Anak, uwi ka na miss na kita. Ilang linggo ka na hindi nakakauwi”. (Son, please go home. We miss you. We haven’t seen you for weeks now.)

I received that message almost midnight and all I can do is cry. I ran in the streets of Manila while crying, trying to find myself on those streets, and I kept telling myself, “What am I doing? Why is my life falling apart flat on my face? Why me?”

Around 2am at that same moment, I traveled back home and I saw my Mom, peacefully sleeping. These words came out of my mouth: “Lord, thank You for giving me my family”.

Day after that, I came to church just to dance my heart out and cry onto God until I can’t catch my breath while dancing. God made me realize the fact that my life is not a waste, and that He has something great in store for my life.

One Sunday, our ministry leaders and committees were assigned to dance. We were really excited to pour our hearts in worship as one. We prepared our body, mind, soul and heart for the Sunday service. Sunday came and we danced three services in the morning. Before our 3rd service dance slot, I experienced so much pain in my back (I had a history of Mild Scoliosis). The pain got into my nerves up to the point that I am unable to walk properly. But I still have one worship song to dance into as solo, so I continued. Then, this thought came to my mind: “What if this is my last dance and I can’t dance anymore after this?” I was crying to God that moment before my turn, praying:  “Lord, I have one request right now; let me dance one last time using Your strength because I can’t feel my back anymore.”

True enough, God’s strength is superb, and amazingly stunning. As I danced and entered God’s presence in worship, I felt the pain on my back is releasing itself from my body. It was pure heaven on earth. It was like God commanded the pain to get out of my body.

After that sweet encounter, I can’t help myself from crying. I can’t stop myself from giving God praises because I really felt God’s power moved me as I surrendered myself to worship Him.

I shared two kinds of story that made a significance in my life, a story of hurting and a story of victory. And it all breaks down in doing just one thing, WORSHIPPING THE LORD THROUGH DANCE.

Going back to that huge question: If my life will be written in the Bible, my story will tell. . . .


Dancing is the craft that the Lord has entrusted to me to share and to take part on His “Great Commission”.

When life is hurting I’ll worship.

When in victory, I’ll worship.

Dancing is more than just a movement, its WORSHIP.

Now, I want to leave the same question to you: If your life will be written in the Bible, what do you think will your story be?

Psalms 34:1-3 (TLB)

I will praise the Lord no matter what happens.

I will constantly speak of his glories and grace.

I will boast of all his kindness to me.

Let all who are discouraged take heart.

Let us praise the Lord together and exalt his name.



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About the Author:

Jedidiah Silava Moroña has been serving the Lord for 11 years and part of the dance ministry since 2006. He knew that we can never outgive the greatness of God's love, but to obey Him willingly and serve Him wholeheartedly is what he always strives for.