Back to the Start, Back to His Heart

Have you ever wondered how far you’ve wandered away from God?

How many times you listened to your own voice, not His?

How many times you chose to go your own way, not His way?

How many times you chose to follow your own heart, not God’s?

We live in a world that makes us believe we can – we can make our own choices, draw our own plans, pave our own paths.

Remember that moment? That moment you lost track of time, that moment you lost sense of the world and that moment wherein the impossible became inevitable, remember that? It was the time before.

Before you knew you can explore on your own. You began walking, it started slow, towards an amazing view. You began taking steps towards a horizon, where you knew not where it goes. It was an inviting thought to go into the undiscovered and trust yourself. That’s where you found freedom. You found it easy to walk alone. You found it easy, that exciting unknown path, it was easy to take. A step became ten, and ten became a hundred, then a hundred became a thousand. You reached the edge.

Before you start thinking that you should take a step back, you heard your heart saying “Jump.” Free fall. Jump into the void. Follow the voice within that says you can do it on your own. You know you are going to fall, but she said “Darling, what if you fly?” And you did. No second thoughts, well, maybe a little. But you did. You took the chance. You jumped and you began flying. You unleashed your own wings, swiftly you glided through clouds and sunny skies, but then, it came. The rain. And then, came the storm. Lightning struck your wings and thunder shook your bravery. From raindrops to downpour, real quick, it washed away your dreams, it destroyed your hope, it broke your heart and you cried. You began crying, and then you began falling. Just when your teardrops start becoming raindrops of their own, you called.

You called a familiar name. But, you continued falling. Further and further. Deeper and deeper. It was getting scarier and scarier. You lost your voice, you lost your courage, you lost yourself. But before you hit the ground, a familiar embrace caught you. A familiar breath blew the hair away from your face. A familiar hand wiped your tears away. A familiar voice whispered your name. And a familiar heartbeat you heard. It was the heartbeat that only matters. It was the heartbeat of someone you used to walk with. It was the heartbeat of someone so familiar… Just before you figure out who it was, you felt comforted beneath you and daydreams above you. You felt that familiar feeling.

You knew you were back in that place. You are back in that place where you found joy beyond sorrow, you found beauty despite chaos and you found light in the dark. This is the place that is more beautiful than the view before the free fall. This is where no storms can harm you, no rain can drench you.

He spoke your name and you cried again. All the questions, answered. All the cravings, satisfied. All the hurt, vanished. All the trouble, removed. This is where you begin your journey, again. Back to the start. Back to His heart.

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About the Author:

Geli started out as a Sunday School teacher back when she was 15 years old. Eventually, she found her way into Theater Arts. Taking up BS Accountancy back in college, she had to focus on her studies and stopped going into the ministry. She made a promise to God to serve Him with her best when she pass the CPA board exam. Never has she been more blessed to be back, now, with the Creative Worship Media, writing for the Lord.