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The Full Blast Worship Team, Philippines will conduct Worship 101 training sessions for the COG-GIFIC churches under the leadership of Ptr. Pepito Sioson in Japan.  It will include spiritual and technical sessions for worship leaders, backup singers, musicians, and dancers. The conference will end with a blast on their Sunday worship service with Dr. Anthony Velasco as their guest speaker.


Full Blast Worship 101 Lessons


1. Vocalizing Techniques
2. The Art of Voicing
3. Family Chords
4. Keys and Progression
5. The Heart of a Worshiper
6. Team Play
7. Pastoral Support
8. Application



Drums Bass Keyboard Guitar
1. Basic Drum Techniques
2. Donati Workout
3. Drum Demo
   – Drum Sound Levels
   – How to Sound Awesome
   – P&W Dynamics
4. Drum Application per Student
5. Drum Notation
6. Applied Sight Reading
1. Note / Tab Reading
2. Finger Exercises
3. Grooving using boxes
4. Arpeggios & Pentatonics
5. Embelishments
Self Expression
1. Importance
2. Techniques
3. Exercise
1. Introduction and Ice Breaker
2. Finger Exercises and Warm ups
3. Numberings, Scales, patterns and triads
4. Guitar improvisation, rhythm and lead dynamics


1. Ice breaker
2. Introduction
3. Overview of Tech discussion ( timing , facial expression)

Technical Application
1. Warm up
2. Strengthening the basics ( proper techniques)
3. Timing
4. Facial expression
5. Choreography
6. Application with music