Welcome to the website of Church of God – World Missions, Philippines! We highly appreciate your visit and we want to make sure that your “dropping by” is worth the effort. We value your time so much; and in this spirit, we’ve gathered a pool of dedicated Christian volunteers who have embraced their calling to give you nothing but excellence. With this being said, we pray that this site will achieve its purpose of…

INSPIRING you to continue in the works of the Lord

INFORMING you of our whereabouts here in the Philippines, making our COG churches accessible to your inquiries

INITIATING aggressively the importance of our connectivity that I believe produces synergy.

INTRODUCING to you the latest and upcoming events/seminars that will mold us to become better Christians.

COG website was constructed to serve you better. May you find it INTERESTING

Respectfully yours,

Cup of Coffee

Need a break? Have a cup of coffee with Pastor Anthony and let these inspiring stories warm you up and invigorate you all throughout the week.

Tour of Duty

Let us witness our National Overseer’s tours inside and outside the Philippines and be inspired with his zeal on bringing inspiration to our fellow brethren in the Lord, not minding the distance and exhaustion, crossing seas and mountains just to impart his heart on serving the Lord.

Church Locator

Are you looking for the nearest COG church? We can help you. Just use our friendly tool for locating a church near you.

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